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Your racing pigeon needs our Pigeon Vitality food and health products for its improved health, stamina and stronger body resistance.

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Bird Improver™  125g tub Tropical & Wild Bird
Bird Improver™ 125g tub Tropical & Wild Bird £25.00
Bird Improver has been specially made and developped for Tropical and Wild Birds. Tested in 35 countries in Zoos, pet stores & captive birds in Buy Out
Oxy-B™  400g tub
Oxy-B™ 400g tub £25.00
A unique balanced mixture of antioxidants and selected B-vitamins, beneficial for racing pigeons, young birds and breeders. Complete selection of needed B-Vitamins and antioxidants makes Buy Out
BelgaMax™  400g tub
BelgaMax™ 400g tub £25.00
Improves rehydration and recuperation for the pigeons after race. The combination of electrolytes with B-vitamins, the antioxidants and trace elements makes this electrolyte superior as Buy Out
MultiViTra™  500g tub
MultiViTra™ 500g tub £25.00
A concentrated, complete and balanced blend of all needed vitamins, minerals and trace elements for pigeons. Unlike many other multivitamins in the market, this product Buy Out
AntiFungal™ 125g tub
AntiFungal™ 125g tub £25.00
always in combination with Improver™! Suppresses the fungal Candida Albican Faster recuperation between races Regain the natural micro flora after antibiotic cure AntiFungal™: Buy Out
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Improver™  125g tub
Improver™ 125g tub £25.00
Suppresses bacterial diseases such as: Adenovirus Canker Ornithosis E-coli Paratyphoid Salmonella Trichomoniasis - and more! By killing diseased bacteria in the water you: Avoid Buy Out
TriColi-STOP™  100 tablets
TriColi-STOP™ 100 tablets £25.00
A natural pigeon product. ONLY - 1 capsule of TriColi-STOP! Removes 99.8 % of Trichomonas / Canker within 3 hours! Suppresses the E-Coli in Buy Out