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Category: Racing Pigeon Foods
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We supply all types of racing Pigeon foods & mixtures, Super Widowhood, Depurative (All Year Round) Depurative, Diet Supreme 20kg (April - Sept) Diet Supreme, Pigeon Conditioner, Young Bird, super young bird, all rounder, winter mixture and lots of others, including Uk Nationwide delivery. Customers who wish to purchase any Racing Pigeon foods please note they are zero rated products so no vat should apply. When you checkout please use this discount special code so the shopping cart deducts 20% as the sites system automatically adds 20% otherwise. So use this code: ZeroRatedVat20%

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Standard Pigeon Grit 25kg
Standard Pigeon Grit 25kg £10.99
Helps digestion. Enables natural formation of eggshells and plumage. Change daily. Buy Out
Xpert  20kg (Feb - Dec)
Xpert 20kg (Feb - Dec) £19.99
Increases endurance. High fat content. Natural energy supplement. Essential for extreme distance racing. Use last day before basketing for added energy. Ingredients: Linseed, Sunflower Hearts, Black Rapeseed, Naked Oats, Safflower Buy Out
Pigeon Conditioner 20kg (All Year Round)
Pigeon Conditioner 20kg (All Year Round) £14.99
High in essential oils. Maintains peak condition. Selection of specilist seeds. Aniseed aroma attractive to birds. Also referred to as Trapping Mix. Assists in moulting season. Ingredients: Red Dari, Wheat, White Buy Out
Diet Supreme 20kg (April - Sept)
Diet Supreme 20kg (April - Sept) £14.99
Race conditioner. Provides essential race nutrients, without adding weight. Keeps birds in peak athletic condition for sprint and distance racing. Easily digested. Ingredients: Maize, Wheat, Red Dari, White Dari, Buy Out
Depurative 20kg (All Year Round)
Depurative 20kg (All Year Round) £13.99
Post race detox. Reduces toxins built up during a race. Light and easily digestible. Feed after racing. Ingredients: Wheat, Barley, White Dari, Naked Oats, Safflower Seed and Red Dari. Buy Out
Super Widowhood 20kg (Apr - Sept)
Super Widowhood 20kg (Apr - Sept) £13.75
An advanced widowhood racing mixture. High in carbohydrates. Additional energy through the inclusion of Safflower. Enhances stamina and performance. Ingredients: Maize, Plate Maize, Wheat, Maple Peas, White Dari, Tares, Buy Out
Young Bird 20kg (March - Sept)
Young Bird 20kg (March - Sept) £13.75
Contains no Maize. Easily digested. Good balance of protein and energy. Ingredients: Wheat, White Peas, Maple Peas, Blue Peas, Red Dari, White Dari, Safflower Seed and Tares. Buy Out
Super Young Bird 20kg (March - Sept)
Super Young Bird 20kg (March - Sept) £14.50
Contains Pocorn Maize. Packed with essential carbohydrates for racing. Provides proteins for body growth and development. Ingredients: Popcorn Maize, Plate Maize, Wheat, Maple Peas, White Peas, Blue Peas, Buy Out
Super Junior 20kg (March - Sept)
Super Junior 20kg (March - Sept) £13.45
High in protein. Helps ensure strong muscle formation. Superior selection of specialist seeds. Easily digested. Ingredients: Wheat, White Peas, Maple Peas, Blue Peas, White Dari, Red Dari, Popcorn Maize, Buy Out
Bucktons Breeding Mix 20kg (Feb - May, Nov - Dec)
Bucktons Breeding Mix 20kg (Feb - May, Nov - Dec) £12.99
Bucktons Breeding Mixture Provides the optimum protein levels for breeding Ensures the maintenance of figure and strength Ingredients: Maple Peas, Maize,Wheat, Blue Peas,White Peas, Red Dari,White Dari, Buy Out
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