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Vanrobaeys Pigeon Food Mixtures Bulk Prices

Please see below for a list of the Van Robaeys we can get to order for bulk Pigeon food buyers, based on full pallets of a minimum 40 sacks ordered, mixed sacks are fine but must meet our min order purchase. Also where there is very little mark up on Racing Pigeon mixtures we will have to add the pallet delivery charge of £45 per pallet. Usually, it takes around a week to pick and deliver your order via our pallet delivery agents, but if something is out of season it can be a bit longer to get to you.

Resting Mixtures
No10 Depurative 25kg £15.30 z
No16 Winter Rest 20kg £14.30 z
No46 UK Best All Round 20kg £12.70 z
No2154 4 Seasons UK 20kg £10.50 z

Breeding Mixtures
No1 Breeding Red and Yellow Cribbs Maize 25kg £15.80 z
No19 Breeding/Racing Standard 20kg £11.80 z
No38 Breeding Exclusive 20kg £16.30 z
No 45 Breeding Supreme 20kg £15.30 z
No182 Premium Power Breeding 20kg £18.30 z
No986 Breed & Wean Supreme 20kg 13.30 z
No264 Breeding & Junior Olympiad 20kg £15.30 z

Racing Mixtures
No3 Racing Red & Yellow Cribbs Maize 25kg £16.80 z
No8 Super Racing Bordeau Cribbs Maize 20kg £15.80 z
No11 Liege Mixture (without maize) 25kg £17.80 z
No12 Super Special Racing - Widowhood 20kg £15.30 z
No26 Diet Extra 20kg £16.30 z
No29 Racing without Peas 20kg £14.80 z
No35 Top Energy 20kg £20.30 z
No39 Racing Exclusive 20kg £16.30 z
No43 Turbohydrate 20kg £15.30 z
No56 Lady Mix 20kg £17.30 z
No418 Casaert Depurative (Light) 20kg £15.30 z
No715 Casaert Widowhood (Heavy) 20kg £15.80 z
No523 Platteeuw Special 20kg £17.30 z
No183 Premium Power Relax 20kg £18.30 z
No184 Premium Power Dynamik 20kg £19.80 z
No193 Premium Power Non-Stop 20kg £21.30 z
No187 Premium Power Sport 20kg £18.30 z
No816 Clique Golden Racing (Fat mix) 20kg £19.30 z

Young Bird Racing Mixtures
No23 Young Birds Racing 20kg £14.80 z
No37 Young Bird Racing Exclusive 20kg £15.80 z
No44 Junior GT (no maize) 20kg £13.80 z

Moulting Mixtures
No5 Moulting Red & Yellow Cribbs maize 25kg £16.80 z
No13 Super Special Moulting 20kg £15.30 z
No22 Moulting Standard 20kg £12.80 z
No42 Moulting Exclusive 20kg £16.30 z
No186 Premium Power Moulting 20kg £19.30 z

Show Pigeon Mixtures
No51 Fancy Pigeon with maize 20kg £14.80 z
No52 Fancy Pigeon without maize 20kg £14.80 z

To make an order please email your request to the following contact:

Bracing For The Cold - Tips For Keeping Your Pet Safe This Winter

With the onset of the cold winter months, it is important to prepare your pets to weather the cold. Cold weather can be dangerous for the health and safety of your pets. Fortunately, there are preventive steps you can take to help ensure your pets make it through the cold winter months healthy and safe.

How Cold Can They Go? Just like humans, pets can tolerate a certain level of cold weather. How much they can tolerate depends upon the pet's body fat stores, their coat, their health, and their activity level. If you have had your pet for a while, you probably have a good idea of their tolerance for cold weather. If not, be very careful and observe how well your pets do in the cold. If you walk them, you may have to shorten their walks to help protect them from the cold. If your dog is older or arthritic, they may have issues walking on snow and ice and could be at risk of slipping and falling. If your dog has a thick or long-haired coat, they may be able to better tolerate the cold weather. However, they are still at risk if exposed to extreme cold for too long.

If your dog or another pet has a short or thin coat, they are very vulnerable to the cold. You can provide them with protection with a thick sweater or a lined cape. If your pet is shorter, they may also be at higher risk since they can become colder more quickly since their bodies and stomachs are closer to the ground.

Pets with chronic illnesses such as diabetes, Cushing's disease, kidney disease or heart disease may have a difficult time regulating their body temperature making them even more susceptible to the extreme cold. Additionally, both very old and very young pets should not be exposed to very low temperatures for very long.

Keeping Them Healthy. If your pet has a chronic condition such as arthritis, cold weather may be very uncomfortable for them and may actually worsen their condition. It is a good idea to take your pet in for a wellness exam at least once a year and right before cold weather is a good time to get this done. This helps ensure your pet is ready for winter.

Keep Them In. Dogs and cats should be allowed inside during cold weather. The old adage that animals are more resistant to the cold is not true, especially when it comes to cats and dogs. If you cannot allow them inside your home, provide them with a good, warm shelter where they can get in and out of the wind. No pet should be left outside for prolonged periods during cold weather.

Check Their Paws. When you are walking your dog or if your pet is often outside during cold weather, check their paws frequently. Look for signs of damage or injury such as bleeding or cracked paw pads. Also, check for ice between the toes.

It is important to keep your furry friend healthy and safe this winter. Following these steps can help ensure they make it through the cold weather so you both can have fun when spring arrives.

Jonathan Leger is a small business owner and freelance writer. He also runs a popular question and answer site with a section dedicated to pets and pet care.

How to Keep Your Dog Calm During the New Year’s Eve Revelry

New Year’s Eve has traditionally been a time of joy and celebrations for millions of people across the globe but for dogs, it can feel like the world is caving in on them. The reason – is fireworks, those dazzling displays of light that can cause dogs to tremble and suffer from severe nerves and stress. According to PETA, this is also a night during which many animals go missing, because they panic and run away from home. Other hurt themselves by jumping through glass windows, suffering undue hurt and pain and leading to a painful and often costly trip to the veterinarian’s. For most of us, dogs and cats (and indeed all pets) are family. Therefore, consider these tips for a stress-free New Year’s Eve:

  1. Consider a night out for your dog. If your grandparents love your dog and say they wish they could spend more time with him, or your parents wouldn’t mind dog sitting for just one night, do take them up on their offer if they are staying in on New Year’s Eve, and they live in a quiet area. Prevention is better than cure so if your pooch can avoid the revelry altogether, so be it.
  2. Be with them. Nothing is more soothing to your dog than your proximity during times of stress. Try brushing, massaging, or caressing them. Very nervous dogs will not react positively to affection; they may prefer to be by themselves. Many pet owners find it useful to build a kind of ‘bunker’ in their home. Use a tent, a dog house or even an open closet with blankets and soft pillows inside, to help your dog feel like they have a safe hiding place in the home. If you don’t normally sleep in the same room as your pooch, make an exemption just this one night.
  3. Try to drown out the noise. Use white noise (or a good white noise App), close all windows and curtains and if you can afford it, soundproof at least one room in your home and place your pooch there for the evening. There are also dedicated CDs specifically made to calm anxious dogs so do the research and decide whether this type of product might work for your dog.
  4. Keep your dog inside the house at all time. Some fireworks can be deafeningly loud; save your dog the stress and keep them as far away as possible from distressing noise. If you live in an apartment without a garden, take your dog for a walk before 12am as they may be too nervous afterwards to venture out for a walk. Moreover, the sounds of the fireworks outdoors will be too much for them to handle.
  5. Use a natural calmer. Pet Supply UK has an excellent, all-natural product which many pet owners report at being very useful at calming anxious dogs down. Since the product is all-natural, there is no risk of overdose and you needn’t worry about interactions with any medications your pet may be taking. The product is also indicated for training and travel, so you will find that it has more than one use. Some of its calming ingredients include Wild Lettuce, Passiflora, German Chamomile, and Hawthorn extracts. All these are blended with a syrup base, so you dog will love the taste as well. This product is meant to be given for 10 consecutive days at a specific dose (after this time period the dose is normally reduced), so start a few days before New Year’s Eve so your dog is already in a more relaxed state. The calmer can be given directly or mixed into your dog’s food or favourite snack.
  6. Consider diffusing calming essential oils throughout the home. Invest in a good oil diffusing machine and use it with calming oils like lavender. Essential oils are no longer an ‘alternative product,’ with more and more veterinarians reporting great success from oils such as orange and lemon (to liven up depressed pets), or lavender (to calm pets). Make sure to use therapeutic grade essential oils only; they come in dark bottles to preserve integrity. If you are using essential oils for the first time, let your veterinarian know your plans first and make sure they give you approval for use on your dog.

Racing Pigeons – Foods And Accessories To Keep Your Birds In The Peak Of Health

Racing Pigeons – Foods And Accessories To Keep Your Birds In The Peak Of Health

By now, we all know that you get out of your body what you put into it. This is as true for racing pigeons as it is for humans. It doesn’t matter how well-bred and well-trained your pigeons are, if they’re not getting the right nutrients, they just aren’t going to great fliers. Luckily, we have a selection of great foods and supplements which will ensure that your birds achieve and maintain the very best condition that they can – and that you reap the rewards of this when the time comes to race them.

What’s Wrong With Ordinary Seed?

Commercial pigeon seed will fill up your pigeons and keep malnutrition at bay – but it won’t help them to perform at their optimum. Why? Because your average pet shop bird seed usually goes through some intensive processing before being packaged, and may then be stored for a very long time. While this may have little outward effect upon the seeds, the nutrients within the seeds are often damaged during the processing, and degrade over time during storage. Ideally, anyone who keeps birds should be supplementing their base diet of seed with fresher offerings in order to ensure that they’re getting the correct nutritional balance – not doing so could result in declining condition and pricey trips to the avian vet. However, if you’re planning on turning your pigeons into star athletes, they’re going to need more than simple seeds. Like any athlete, they’ll perform best on a diet supplemented with precisely the kinds of nutrients which will hone their muscles, their endurance, and their feathers.

Young Pigeons

One of the most important times in which to ensure that your birds are getting the best diet possible is when they’re still growing. Feeding breeding mothers Calmavita Amorphous Calcium and Magnesium Powder can start this process even from when your prize birds are embryos in eggs. The calcium within this powder helps to strengthen eggshells, giving the chicks the best start in life from the word go. Once hatched, the calcium helps the growing birds to develop strong skeletons which will ultimately bear and support their muscles over the vast distances that racing pigeons must travel. Magnesium, meanwhile, will help to restore the pigeon’s electrolyte balance and thus return it to full condition speedily as it practises the long flights it will undertake as an adult. It’s also thought that magnesium may aid liver function in humans, which can only be a bonus if the same is true of birds! Do stick rigorously to the dosage instructions, however, as too much of anything is often more harmful than beneficial.

Racing Pigeons

There are all kinds of ‘performance-enhancing’ products on the market for racing pigeons, some of which are tantamount to doping substances. However, here we only sell the best, safest, and most natural products to help your pigeons achieve their true potential. One of our most interesting products is our Beetroot Powder, which is described as ‘Racing fuel for pigeons’. This is made from a beetroot extract. Beetroot has long been a staple of the pigeon fanciers’ larder, and recently science is starting to back up what pigeon breeders have long known. In humans, it is acknowledged that beetroot can improve the blood pressure, help get oxygen speedily to the muscles, and bolster the immune system – as well as being rich in nutrients vital for athletic performance such as iron, manganese, potassium, and vitamins A and C. While what is true for humans does not necessarily follow through for pigeons, it is probably safe to assume in this case that beetroot will safely work its magic upon your birds as well. The makers even claim that their powder will increase your pigeons’ enthusiasm for racing – a truly remarkable feat!

Home Maintenance

Pigeons are geniuses at picking up infections. One of the most common ways for them to get illnesses is through the action of parasites, which bite or irritate them and thus pass bacteria into their bloodstreams. Even if they don’t get ill from parasites, these irritating beasties can be very uncomfortable for the birds, and put them off form. Luckily, we have a great selection of disinfectants which will keep your pigeon lofts clean without harming the birds, and supplements which will not only give your pigeons a great set of feathers, but will discourage parasites from setting up home therein!

This is an article by Helen Traynor

Racing Pigeon Mixtures For The Pigeon Fanciers

Racing Pigeon foods/mixtures Available:

Resting Mixture 25kg £12.75 per sack = £10.20 Per 20kg
Four Seasons 25kg £13.85 per sack = £11.08 Per 20kg
High Protein 25kg £13.75 per sack = £11.00 Per 20kg
Royal Mix 25kg £14.99 per sack = £11.99 Per 20kg
Depurative 20kg £11.99 per sack = N/A
Breeding Mix 25kg £14.75 per sack = £11.80 Per 20kg
Gem Breed & Wean 25kg £13.55 per sack = £10.84 Per 20kg
Blobby Mix 25kg £12.75 per sack = £10.20 Per 20kg
Concorde Pigeon 25kg £15.85 per sack = £12.68 Per 20kg
Cowood Mix 25kg £14.99 per sack = £11.99 Per 20kg
Irish Mix 25kg £15.25 per sack = £12.20 Per 20kg
PLX Mix 25kg £15.10 per sack = £12.08 Per 20kg
Premier Pigeon 25kg £14.55 per sack = £11.64 Per 20kg
Ruby Mixture 25kg £17.50 per sack = £14.00 Per 20kg
Super Diet 20Kg £13.30 per sack = N/A
Super Sprint Pigeon 25kg £14.95 per sack = £11.96 Per 20kg
Super Treat 20kgs £14.75 per sack = N/A
Super Widowhood 25kg £15.95 per sack = £12.76 Per 20kg
Trapping & Conditioning 20kg £12.80 per sack = N/A
Turbo Mix 25kg £13.65 per sack = £10.92 Per 20kg
Winter Special Pigeon 25kg £12.15 per sack = £9.72 Per 20kg
Young Bird No Maize 25kg £14.75 per sack = £11.80 Per 20kg
Young Bird plus 25kg £15.25 per sack = £12.20 Per 20kg
Moulting Mix 25kg £14.70 per sack = £11.76 Per 20kg
Super Moult Plus 25kg £14.85 per sack = £11.88 Per 20kg
Fat Mix 20Kg £14.60 per sack = N/A
Europa Classic 25kg £15.95 per sack = £12.76 Per 20kg

Blue Peas 25kg £13.45 per sack = £10.76 Per 20kg
White Peas 25kg £12.65 per sack = £10.12 Per 20kg
Maple Peas 25kg £13.75 per sack = £11.00 Per 20kg
Tic Beans 25kg £13.80 per sack = £11.04 Per 20kg
French maize 25kg £11.95 per sack = £9.56 Per 20kg
Fine Cut Maize 25kg £10.90 per sack = £8.72 Per 20kg
Malting Barley 20kg £8.95 per sack = N/A
Recleaned Barley 20kg £7.75 per sack = N/A
Whole Peanuts 25kg £34.99 per sack = £27.99 Per 20kg
Sunflower Hearts 23kg £19.95 per sack = £17.60 Per 20kg
Safflower Seed 20kg £11.90 per sack = N/A
Hemp seed 15kg £21.00 per sack = N/A

Any interested Pigeon Racers/Fanciers please email us if you would like to know more and make any orders on the following email contact, local fanciers are welcome to call in and collect from us if they wish to save on delivery costs.

Pet Supply Uk Quality Racing Pigeon Corns

Pet Supply Uk supplies a complete range of Racing Pigeon Corns & Mixes for every type of race and season. The products are tailored to a pigeon’s needs during breeding, racing and moulting. A staple component of every product is sun-dried cribs maize, an excellent source of energy, rich in protein.

When my uncle started racing in the late 1930’s, many fanciers just fed peas and grit. This now seems incredible to us but there are still fanciers who feed just peas and wheat, or just peas, sorghum and wheat. I guess one just has to ask oneself, why, when presumably their aim is to win races and get birds home. For racing and particularly long distance racing, the birds do not need peas or protein, but carbohydrates and fats to provide energy for the long hours on the wing, during the journey home.

It is said that “you are what you eat” and that certainly holds true for pigeons. For a team to do consistently well, the diet is important. Getting the protein percentage of the diet right and making some informed decisions about the grain blend used, will help with performance.

In the stock loft, an error in dietary management, unless dramatic, is unlikely to have the direct consequences that it would in the racing loft. Pigeons are long lived and fairly tough. There is usually the opportunity for dietary correction. Obviously however, making good decisions from the start is going to lead to better quality weaned babies starting on the road to become winning race birds.

Racing pigeons are avian athletes and like any other athlete, feeding them optimally for the job ahead, means that their full potential is more likely to be realized. The more the fancier deviates from the best diet, the harder it is for the birds to do well. Some birds can still win on other diets (which is why all the various “home truths” have developed) because they have other factors in their favour such as being exceptional genetically or under a particularly good manager etc, but a deviation from the best diet just makes it harder. There was one fancier in South Australia several years ago, well known to Australian fanciers who was best flyer in his state for many years. He actually fed a very poor diet but seeing him with his birds, it was obvious that he was an exceptional manager. We know that for optimal racing, diets need to contain 12-14% protein. For high performance sprint racing, this should be 12%. Racing diets also need to contain over 3000kcal per kilogram of energy (in the form of fat and carbohydrate).

Pet Supply Uk supplies high quality, complete feed for racing pigeons. The knowledge and experience of a variety of national and international pigeon enthusiasts i am sure have gone into blending the various Top Quality mixes we have listed on our website.

Proteins are made up of substances called amino acids. Various amino acids bond together chemically to make proteins. Proteins are necessary essentially for “tissue building”. The body has increased requirements for these tissue building substances fairly obviously through times of growth and reproduction. Pigeons therefore, need high protein levels in their diet when they are breeding, growing and molting. During racing however, although they still need proteins for tissue repair, eg, to heal tired muscles and for various base metabolic processes, it is the carbohydrates and fats that provide the energy for exertion during racing that are important, so please do browse through our website for the mixtures we offer.

Why Pet Supply Uk Natural Pigs ears And Bully Sticks are Very Good For Dogs and a healthy alternative to rawhide

Natural Pet Pigs Ears Dog Chews are natural oven baked pig ears from the UK, sure to be a hit with any dog. Our Pet Pig Ears are a full-sized, 100% digestible chew that is a healthy alternative to rawhide. Oven baked for great flavor and a chewy texture dogs will love sinking their teeth into this treat. No preservatives or added flavorings - just 100% natural pigs ears.Each Pig Ear is approximately 5" x 4".Available in Single (45 to 65g), 10, 25 or 50 packs. Did you know that our bully sticks and other natural dog chews are much healthier than rawhide chews? Rawhide chews are hard to digest and can cause gas and stomach upset in your dog. Rawhide chews can be a choking hazard if your dog tries to swallow a large, partially chewed piece. Rawhide chews are often treated with bleach, dye and other harsh chemicals when they are processed. Rawhide chews are usually from cattle raised in feed lots where they are treated with antibiotics and growth hormones.Only Natural Pet Bully Sticks are from free-range cattle never treated with antibiotics or growth hormones. Only Natural Pet Bully Sticks contain beneficial nutrients such as naturally occurring glucosamine. Only Natural Pet Bully Sticks are great for dental health by helping to reduce plaque and tartar build up. Only Natural Pet Supply Uk products are 100% Guaranteed!

Pigeon fanciers We Need You To Help Change The Law To Protect Our Pigeons

The Raptor Alliance lobbies on behalf of UK pigeon fanciers for a change in the protection of racing birds from predatory raptors. There's approximately 42,000 pigeon fanciers in the UK, including HM the Queen herself and we need to protect these pigeons.

Pigeon fanciers everywhere want the legal right to protect their birds from predators, an acceptable ecological balance through new Government regulations on bird or prey population levels. We all need to "lobby" our existing and prospective parliamentary candidates to ensure they support the Law Commission's recommendations to ensure we can apply to Natural England for licenses in the future.

The Law Commission, appointed by the Government, has concluded their revision of the 1981 Wildlife act (and others). The Law Commission has listened to us, considered our submission and their revision of the act includes all of our recommendations.

In summary the proposed act includes ALL the necessary amendments to the existing law so that individual pigeon fanciers will be able to make licence applications to Natural England.


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