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Tollinsan Multi-Vitamin- Syrup 500ml
Tollinsan Multi-Vitamin- Syrup 500ml £12.99
Content: 500 ml Breeding Racing Moulting Ava... throughout the year for food and drink. Suitable for breeding, racing and moulting. The juice is very sticky and is particularly well Buy Out
Tollinsan Orni-Chlam Capsules 30 pack
Tollinsan Orni-Chlam Capsules 30 pack £13.99
Content: 30 capsules High effective against chlamydia ornithosis faster pigeons trough free airways fat heads Orni-Chlam, the best product to treat against chlamydia in racing pigeons. Orni-Chlam, the best product to Buy Out
Tollinsan Bath salt 750g
Tollinsan Bath salt 750g £8.99
Content: 750 g Feather Care For the weekly bath for your pigeons. Bath salt does not have any effect against parasites, it’s a fairy tale! Use our Buy Out
Tollinsan TKK tablets / Tricho tabs 50 pack
Tollinsan TKK tablets / Tricho tabs 50 pack £17.99
Content: 50 tablets trichomonas and giardia Highly effective and highly compatible 20mg ronidazole High-dosage trichomonas tablet for individual treatment in the racing season. High-dosage trichomoniasis tablets for individual treatment in Buy Out
Tollinsan Tricho-Drops 50ml
Tollinsan Tricho-Drops 50ml £13.99
Content: 50 ml Trichomonas Tricho-Drops have a very good effect on the prevention of trichomonas. For the prevention and treatment of trichomonades and mucous membrane inflammation. Before the racing Buy Out
Tollinsan Med. Tollyamin Forte 1000 ml
Tollinsan Med. Tollyamin Forte 1000 ml £19.99
Content: 1000 ml Amino acids (L-methionine – L-lysine) Elektrolytes B-Vitamines ... contains high doses of amino acids, electrolytes and B vitamins in an optimized mixture ratio. Because of its Buy Out
Tollinsan Dr Brockamp Probac 1000 - 500g
Tollinsan Dr Brockamp Probac 1000 - 500g £29.95
Content: 500 g after antibiotic treatments as electrolyte Probac 1000 is a probiotic electrolyte for regeneration of the intestinal flora. Electrolyte and probiotic for regeneration of intestinal flora Probac 1000 Buy Out
Tollinsan U200 Anti-Parasite Drops 10ml
Tollinsan U200 Anti-Parasite Drops 10ml £17.99
Content: 10 ml against parasites and vermins Depot Effect, works for 1 year compatible active ingredients Our new neck drops have a depot effect and work for 12 months. Buy Out
Tollinsan Fungi Powder 100g
Tollinsan Fungi Powder 100g £23.99
Content: 100 g fungal infections in pigeons young bird sickness by fungal infections performance increase no side effects Some use Fungi every week on two days. The price lists confirm Buy Out
Tollisan Kombi-Mix 100g
Tollisan Kombi-Mix 100g £28.99
Content: 100 g Young bird sickness / old bird sickness E.Coli Trichomonads Hexam... infections Streptococci Staphylococ... is a mixture out of the three products Adeno-Coli, TKK Powder und Fungi Powder What is Buy Out
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