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Pet Supply Uk Quality Racing Pigeon Corns

Pet Supply Uk supplies a complete range of Racing Pigeon Corns & Mixes for every type of race and season. The products are tailored to a pigeon’s needs during breeding, racing and moulting. A staple component of every product is sun-dried cribs maize, an excellent source of energy, rich in protein.

When my uncle started racing in the late 1930’s, many fanciers just fed peas and grit. This now seems incredible to us but there are still fanciers who feed just peas and wheat, or just peas, sorghum and wheat. I guess one just has to ask oneself, why, when presumably their aim is to win races and get birds home. For racing and particularly long distance racing, the birds do not need peas or protein, but carbohydrates and fats to provide energy for the long hours on the wing, during the journey home.

It is said that “you are what you eat” and that certainly holds true for pigeons. For a team to do consistently well, the diet is important. Getting the protein percentage of the diet right and making some informed decisions about the grain blend used, will help with performance.

In the stock loft, an error in dietary management, unless dramatic, is unlikely to have the direct consequences that it would in the racing loft. Pigeons are long lived and fairly tough. There is usually the opportunity for dietary correction. Obviously however, making good decisions from the start is going to lead to better quality weaned babies starting on the road to become winning race birds.

Racing pigeons are avian athletes and like any other athlete, feeding them optimally for the job ahead, means that their full potential is more likely to be realized. The more the fancier deviates from the best diet, the harder it is for the birds to do well. Some birds can still win on other diets (which is why all the various “home truths” have developed) because they have other factors in their favour such as being exceptional genetically or under a particularly good manager etc, but a deviation from the best diet just makes it harder. There was one fancier in South Australia several years ago, well known to Australian fanciers who was best flyer in his state for many years. He actually fed a very poor diet but seeing him with his birds, it was obvious that he was an exceptional manager. We know that for optimal racing, diets need to contain 12-14% protein. For high performance sprint racing, this should be 12%. Racing diets also need to contain over 3000kcal per kilogram of energy (in the form of fat and carbohydrate).

Pet Supply Uk supplies high quality, complete feed for racing pigeons. The knowledge and experience of a variety of national and international pigeon enthusiasts i am sure have gone into blending the various Top Quality mixes we have listed on our website.

Proteins are made up of substances called amino acids. Various amino acids bond together chemically to make proteins. Proteins are necessary essentially for “tissue building”. The body has increased requirements for these tissue building substances fairly obviously through times of growth and reproduction. Pigeons therefore, need high protein levels in their diet when they are breeding, growing and molting. During racing however, although they still need proteins for tissue repair, eg, to heal tired muscles and for various base metabolic processes, it is the carbohydrates and fats that provide the energy for exertion during racing that are important, so please do browse through our website for the mixtures we offer.
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