Swindon 25th March

Birds Liberated at: 11.45am

150 Pigeons only sky perfect for flying


We need more pigeon flyers to participate so this could be a regular training toss and really good to get the birds geared up for the up and coming racing season.


Swindon 10th May

Birds Liberated at: 10.33am

150 Pigeons only sky perfect for flying wind on their nose


Birds were held for approx 20 minutes and offered plenty of water, we watched plenty of birds drink water also. We then within 5 minutes of parking up had a falcon and sparrow hawk hover over the trailer in the Dog track car park. Joseph my son made sure they were cleared from near by until we could no longer see them so everything was clear in the sky for a liberation. That said once birds were liberated they took a minute or so and cleared nicely towards South Wales.