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Report & Help A Lost Racing Pigeon

There are many websites that can offer advice for a pigeon found, and getting in contact with someone who can help you negotiate a found pigeon might be helpful for you. If the pigeon found looks like a fancy pigeon, one with unusual markings are body shape, chances are it came from your own neighborhood. Fancy pigeons do not fly great distances like a homing pigeon might. A homing pigeon found in your back yard or on the street might have come from several hundred miles away. Sometimes homing pigeons become confused or lost due to a variety of issues, including poor training, lengthy test flights, and altered surroundings. The pigeon found should have a leg band, as this is fairly typical in pigeon breeding. Remember that the pigeon is frightened but his survival depends on someone’s kindness at this point. While he might run from initially, many found pigeons will look to a human they deem as safe for assistance. A found pigeon without a leg band is most likely wild, although a few have been reported to be overtly friendly, human oriented, and lacking a display of flight skills, which can indicate a rare but untagged pigeon. If the pigeon found is wild, contact a rescue society that deals in rehabilitation rather than the humane league who is more likely to euthanize than expend resources to return the pigeon to the wild. Provide the found pigeon with water as soon as possible. Dehydration is a great risk to lost pigeons. You are going to need to provide him with some food as well, but water immediately is paramount. Your second step if to provide him with a place where he can be safe, receive ventilation, and receive natural light (but not baking through the glass of a window) and out of drafts. A cardboard box can fit the bill here but be sure not to close the top of the box. Be sure the frightened found pigeon has ample room to move, is safe from curious household pets and small children, and is not exposed to second hand smoke. Additionally, place an open cover over the top of the box in order to keep the little guy feeling safe but allowing him enough light for his usual activities. Your found pigeon might not want a lot of contact with you physically because he is so scared and disoriented, but talking to him in a soothing voice and preventing those in the home from yelling or screaming can help him come around much faster. If you can’t place him safely in a room where he can hear soothing voices and be close to you, then place him in a quiet room where he won’t be disturbed. It’s better if he can hear a little activity unless that activity is completely chaotic. Food is essential and you can not feed a found pigeon left overs. Rather you need to grab a commercial mix of food suitable for pigeons from a neighbor or the store. He needs to eat within a couple of hours of being found, so make sure you don’t wait too long before getting him some food. Found pigeons have leg bands that mark their identity. Each tag is registered with a national pigeon association to help it find its owner in just such cases. Sometimes you can simply enter the tag ID into Google and you can bring back a direct hit. In other cases, you will have to search out the tag ID with each individual website. While it may seem like a lot of effort to reunite a pigeon with his owner, you are saving a life and your kindness means the world to the little found pigeon in the box. Be Sociable, Share! Tweet

If this is all to much for you please email us on full details about the lost pigeon, including its full Id ring number and year/age of bird which will be on the ring. We will then report the pigeon for you to the correct Pigeon owner and arrange to have the pigeon collected from you as soon as its possible to do so.

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